• To sort out my domains/hosting now that I’m shutting down MiGCentral, have registered webhosting with DreamHost, courtesy of rave reviews from Krissy and multiple others
  • Bought a Kenwood Chef yesterday for $760 from the Good Guys at Alexandria. It’s love, even though the kitchen needs reorganising to fit it in
  • Also bought some charms for my new Lovelinks bracelet (glorified charm bracelet) that I was given for my birthday. I also bought a star, but it’s a b*tch to photograph because it’s shiny
    Lovelinks cupcake Lovelinks Eiffel Tower
  • AND – this is my new ultimate tshirt. Shame I’ve spent so much money this weekend on kitchen appliances (“necessary”), jewellery (not so necessary) and webhosting (completely indulgent, but was discounted!)

My birthday oriental lilys are still going strong, even though they’re getting a bit whiffy

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0 thoughts on “Public holidays rock

  1. that tshirt is so totally you
    i love it

    Posted on 10 June 2008 at 4:21 am