Yes, this week has been the very definition of frantic. Which explains why it’s taken me a week to talk about our grown-ups outing Friday last week.

Dan and I played grown ups! We tagged along with a bunch of my work people to see Pig Iron People at the Opera House. I haven’t seen a play since high school, so it was quite exciting to be going.

It was just as exciting to be actually going into the city. You know, sniffing the pollution, bumping into people who don’t watch where the hell they are walking, etc.

Dan took me to Wagamama for dinner, which is a regular lunch haunt for him and his work girls, but I’ve been dying to try for yonks. It didn’t fail; quick service, good pricing and YUMMO food.

And the play was good, too! Jacqui Weaver was my fave, but the swearing provided by the entire cast was brilliant. Dan and I now hollar at each now “SHITS ME TO TEARS!” on a daily basis.

Hanging out at the Opera House was the best part, though. Really, we have the most awesome harbour evar.

These pics were taken with my new “handbag cam”; a Canon Ixus 80 IS. Now I have NO excuses for not taking photos like an 80s Japanese tourist :o)

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