You’re not going to believe the difference in the “before” and “after” shots of The Water Feature:

Here’s the before shot of the outside:

And after?


So they patched the crack (insert immature laughter here) and painted it baby poo green/brown. But they thoughtfully made sure the crack is still visible for all and sundry to see.

And now, here’ s the inside view close up (before):

And a full view, featuring the new drawers we bought on the weekend:


It’s a bit hard to tell because I wanted to get the new drawers (Ikea!) in the shot as well as the Sleepy Bear on the Red Chair, which is apparently more comfortable with a bit of Ikea-box on top.

Anyways THE INSIDE IS EXACTLY THE SAME. The cracks, swollen plaster, even the little spider up in the corner… still there.

Turns out the main problem was in the roof and the owners of our place didn’t want to spend the money on “non-essential” repairs. Yeah, I know.

So we have the best of both worlds, I guess. We get to stay dry and we get a constant visual reminder of the 709 days that our loungeroom wall leaked.


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3 thoughts on “My water feature – after

  1. Wow, they did such a great job *rolls eyes*. I love the draws! Are they the Malm ones? We had the whole bedroom suite in Malm before we changed it all for some big bulky thing. The kids still have theirs though – sooooooo nice :)

    Barbara’s last blog post..Go me *yay*

    Posted on 29 May 2009 at 11:08 pm