Have you ever checked out the “As-is” section at Ikea? It’s usually right at the end of the store or at the pickup point and scattered with some dodgy and not-so-dodgy pieces.

When we moved about 5 years ago, we grabbed some bargain bookcases from the old Blacktown store. Instead of $100+, these babies were $30 a pop. They even had all the screws and plugs.

Today I bought 2 awesome As-is bargains: a 149×79 Expedit bookcase reduced to $99 instead of $169 with only a couple of minor scratches on it (nothing a brown Sharpie wouldn’t fix) and a sideboard that doesn’t seem to exist in the Ikea catalogue that was reduced from $200 to $129 because a tiny section of the backing had been cut out.

Dan got a second Corras thing which we use for housing PlayStations, Xboxes, etc. reduced to $35 from $59.

So overall, we saved something like $165, which isn’t bad for peoples like us who aren’t known for being tightarses.

We started the day by collecting carloads of boxes out of storage in the building where Dan’s brother and the Contal he drove in the Peking to Paris documentary now lives. It totally put that race into perspective and enforced my believe that Mick is hardcore for riding a glorified bicycle across Asia and Europe in the snow.

Wish I took photos.

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