Today is the 3rd day my car’s been back with Mazda. I hit a rogue concrete island in downtown Leichhardt about a month after I got the car, and the wheel alignment hasn’t been right since. I thought I got away with it when it go serviced six months ago. But I didn’t, and now that I’ve asked them to look a bit closer, they can’t work out how to fix it.

The suckiest part is that I have to walk everywhere or catch public transport. What gives?

If I haven’t been hanging around at home, I’ve been going into the city or walking down to our local village for some beautifying. I know it’s all very good for me and/or the environment to not be driving my car, but whatevs. Today it’s going to be HOT. And I want my air conditioned little car.

I don’t want to be commoner and have to walk/bus/train it everywhere.

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