Inspired by an unexpected payrise this week, on the way home from work tonight I popped into my local Target for some new clothes. After I waded through the crap (oh so much of it) and managed to find some things worth trying on (NOT neon, NOT hippie, NOT patterened to the point that it could cause an epileptic fit) I went through the usual agony when leaving the fitting rooms – should I hand in the clothes I tried on but don’t want to buy? I always feel sorry for the poor school/university students who work at Target, and especially at the change rooms. I can barely deal with my own coathangers at home – imagine being surrounded by them at work? Usually I meekly walk out of the change room and try to put the clothes back on the right racks.

But sometimes I just can’t be arsed and just chuck them anywhere. Which is where I have my dilema – shouldn’t I just hand them in to the poor soul working the change room and leave it to their (assumingly) trained hands? Am I making it worse by just leaving things randomly in the store?

I’m guessing that I would technically be doing them a favour by handing then my unwanted garments instead. But I always feel like such a bitch when I do.

It’s not like I’m incapable of helping Target staff in making their job less difficult. Right?

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