Christmas is always a confusing mix of happiness, ham, exhaustion, over-spending, pavlova, stress and leftover ham.

This time of year usually gets me worked up into a little ball of stress and anxiety. It’s hard to keep everyone happy, to make sure you see everyone, give the right presents, make the right noises when opening presents, not breaking long-held family traditions and doing the wiping up.

This year I decided to just chillax, let the chips fall where they may and focused on just enjoying it. It was the Christmas we thought we’d never have, with mum well enough to escape get day leave from the nursing home. It’s rare to get the entire clan together and especially to have all of mum’s grandchildren together, from 23yo down to 3mo. I made the point of sitting at the Christmas dinner table and just taking in the significance of having everyone there. Well, mostly there when people weren’t jumping up to get more of the mineral water, more yummy Christmas ham or to settle an unsettled bub, the usual blur that happens when you have so many people trying to eat at the same time.

We got to spend some time with my in-laws as well – getting pisqualed courtesy of a Whiskey-tasting session and a $400 bottle of champers. Our eldest niece proclaimed that our family will have 4 babies before next Christmas and ours would be called Harry.  Good to know; I can get that customised bunting done early.

I have run out of Lindt balls. This makes me a very sad bunny. Jarod and Liz made a mercy dash this afternoon with some more Lindt balls. There’s my dinner sorted, then.

Now that Christmas is behind us, it’s time to get on with the Ikea shopping list unpacking, navel-gazing in preparation for the new year (resolutions ahoy!) and I’m going to bake something/s in the new oven.

All of which will be a seamless experience and it won’t make me swear one single word!

Happy festivus, you guys :)

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