Energy Australia don’t seem to know jack, but some lovely men working in the rain finally fixed our power. But the power surge has killed my PC and my beloved widescreen monitor. My dashing boyfriend is currently under the desk trying to work out if any of it is salvagable.

Note: boyfriend not pictured

When I got home from work, most of our network of back lanes were blocked off by emergency Energy Australia workers. When I realised our power was out, the Energy Australia helpline had NO IDEA there was something wrong. So I logged the fault and decided to go find a worker who had more of a bloody clue. Workmen are friendly enough to tell me a truck driver screwed up cables and they’re trying to fix his screw up.

We go out and get home at 2hrs later at 8.30 to find workmen gone, but still no power.

Another phone call to “log the fault” that I had already called about and within 90 minutes the power was back. Hooray for workmen in the rain sorting everything out! I went out in the rain to say thank you, and I thought the man would have been more appreciative about my making an effort to thank him. AT LEAST I BLOODY WELL TRIED, ETC.

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0 thoughts on “Electricity rules

  1. Dashing boyfriend?

    Does Magic Dan know about this? :)

    Posted on 5 February 2008 at 9:45 pm
  2. he coined it himself!

    Posted on 5 February 2008 at 9:46 pm