1. I should be in bed because we didn’t get much sleep last night because it was SOFA KING HOT (no horizontal folk dancing involved
  2. I should also be in bed because I’m v tired after my seeing my beloved Miss Fish (Hi, Anna!) for dinner and shenanigans tonight
  3. I would have been in bed earlier except Her Hotness, Roulla (Hi, Rouls!) was online and she was pining for me and she needed to remind me that Brad Pitt has been hot in more movies than I could remember
  4. ONE OF MY CATS SUCCESSFULLY POOPED AND PEED IN THE LITTER KWITTER. Those who mock me can kindly pass on their apologies, kthnxbai
  5. It’s true, 99% of my friends are having babies (except me)
  6. PS, my cats will be like this one day in the next 1-7 years:
  7. And now, I sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep.

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