Thank you thank you thank you for the loveliness I received after my last post. A lot of friends and family found that post from my Facebook feed and a lot of those people hadn’t been to my blog before.

So for some people, that post was twice as surprising as it was intended. And I think caused people to worry moreso than necessary.

But I got so many lovely emails, messages, comments, texts, DMs on Twitter… so many that I haven’t even finished replying to them all. It meant so much to get so many words of encouragement, love and support the last week or so. I needed it.

I’m doing better than a week ago. And this afternoon I’ve been in the best mood of the last two weeks. We’ve been in a limbo of unmade decisions, anger and whatnot.

But this afternoon we got some new perspectives on it all. And we sat in the sun eating burgers and wedges in one of our favourite places and agreed that we’re making some awesome decisions here.

Nothing like a bit of perspective to…. get things into perspective, I guess ;)

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2 thoughts on “A new perspective

  1. The plot thickens indeed!!

    Glad you had an afternoon to yourselves and that you have a new and (hopefully) better outlook on stuff(tm).


    Posted on 17 July 2010 at 8:19 pm
  2. Relxed looking photos :)

    Posted on 19 July 2010 at 2:04 pm