1. My car’s back. Mazda didn’t charge me a cent and even washed him. Score!
  2. I have new hair:

See? My eyes look blue-er with the copper thrown into the colour. I like my new fringe.

I tried Captivate Hair and Beauty at Stanmore Village and loved it. The whole trip was a good $80 cheaper than my old hairdresser. I’ll definitely be going back.

The Naked Aunt is still staying here. I knew that ‘a few days’ would turn into ‘at least a week, maybe 3’. Humpf.

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One thought on “2 days left of holidays makes me sad

  1. Random beauty tip….Probably the best Chinese herb for the eyes is lycium fruit (gou qi zi). Other herbs are black sesame seeds (hei zhi ma), and privet fruit (nu zhen zi). Good foods for the eyes include shepherd’s purse, undried raspberry (fu pen zi), and animal liver.

    Hope your holiday was fun!

    Posted on 7 March 2007 at 4:19 am