To tell tonight’s story, you need to know some history of our new place.

We moved in after Dan’s cousin, V, moved out, it was well-known amongst the in-laws that we planned to apply to take over the lease when V bought a house. Prior to that, R, Dan’s aunt (and V’s mother) cleaned this place. V moved in here without knowing her mother cleaned it for the previous tenant.

And tonight after dinner up the street with TAFE friends (did I mention how much I love living in this neighbourhood?), we stood on the corner chatting before splitting up to go home. Theo, a former classmate then walks past and we have a chat. Somehow we discuss how I’ve moved in “into one of those places up above these shops”, only to discover that his friend lives above the shop next to us, so is technically our neighbour.

Oh, and before we started talking to Theo, we were talking about some Thai restaurant on King Street, and last time I ate there I saw Theo out the front.

Small world.

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