I’ve never been the type to go to protests or rallys. I’m rarely passionate enough to get out of my PJs and off the couch. But then the stupid frigging state government decided they’re going to hack into my favouritest Sydney park and turn it into a construction zone and eventual entry ramp for the M4 East tunnel. And then I joined Save Ashfield Park. I’m chuffed with what our little action group has managed to do so far, including a rally last weekend with politicians, vikings and 400+ cranky inner westies: DSC_7958-save ashfield park sign trees nice DSC_7968-citizen sign sham DSC_7989-photographer inner west courier DSC_7991-speaker jamie parker DSC_8001-viking DSC_8006-speaker dr mehreen faruqi DSC_8044-kids yellow ribbon DSC_8049-sue rush yellow ribbon

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