I’ve always been wary of carparks. I feel like one of the few drivers who knows to park between the lines… Everyone else seems to treat those white lines as though they are “estimate only” and don’t have to be obeyed.

It used to only be a north shore thing. It’s always been especially bad in the carpark under and around Neutral Bay Woollies. Those yummy mummies don’t have time to straighten up their parking, they need the extra time to unfurl their Bugaboos and bark instructions down their iPhone 4S to their pool cleaner. Mosman Council would do well to just change those parking spots from 90 degrees to 45 degrees.

I like to use this time to remind Dan that, as a former Neutral Bay resident, he is to NEVER EVER park like these people.

But, like the Cane Toad, Bad Parking Syndrome is moving south. My beloved Marrickville Metro has been overcome recently, and I’m noticing that it’s getting worse. Today, on my first round of Christmas shopping, was forced to park next to a fellow Mazda2 that was sadly parked too close for comfort. I’m especially sensitive since Talyn has only recently returned from the plastic surgeon.

Luckily, there were no scrapes to be found. This time.

If I’m forced next to park next to a car that isn’t parked properly (or parked too close to my side) I take a photo in case they scratch my car. Not that I think a photo would hold when presented to the coppers, but it makes me feel better.

Do people in your area know how to park between the lines?

Also, doesn’t this pic make you squirm? YUCK.

Cane toad in the pool

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2 thoughts on “Ribbit

  1. Check out the date on the photo!!! Nice one.
    I’m keen to go Cane Toad bashing at night in Far North QLD if you are??
    As for the Car Parks, try parking where I live where the farmers park however they feel!

    Posted on 5 December 2011 at 9:40 pm
  2. I think it might be the time of year, but EVERYTHING seems a little crazier than normal, the roads, the car parks, my f*ckin street! Almost lost it with some dudes doing work across the road today… been there for months, blocking out precious parking in my street, even when they’re not there! faaaaark!
    If it were a frog, I would LOVE that pic, but a cane toad, no thanks :o/

    Posted on 7 December 2011 at 7:03 pm