Tonight the crowd sounds largely female, judging by the squeals coming from the fangirls hanging around the side streets. Same pitch as the fangirl squeals when The Presets were here last week. The squeals sufficiently freaked out at least one cat that was hanging in the backyard earlier on.

Luckily, if the majority of fans are female, there’s less chance of them peeing in the back lane.

S’also the first gig since the fencing has been put up along Enmore Road, and outside the Enmore Theatre. Will make things interesting when everyone is piling out onto the streets at the end of the night.

**I live very close to the Enmore Theatre and in the time since we moved here in 2007, it’s been interesting to note the different qualities of the patrons of the different events (concerts, fundraisers, weddings, soccer match screenings, etc). I’ve decided to **

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