Remember when I said I was going camping?

That was on the weekend just gone. But we didn’t camp and ended up staying in a cheapo hotel. Where the springs poked through the mattress to the point where I wondered if camping would have been more comfy.

We went to the most relaxed wedding that ever existed, just near Mudgee. The dress code was “be prepared for mozzies, heat, flies and tall grass”.

There weren’t any fancy decorations. Just the gum trees

Instead of  limousines, we traipsed about in a 4WD. I won’t tell you how often I swore in front of the children while we were tossed about in the tray

(that’s me in the back, taking photos to celebrate still being alive after thinking we were going to go over the edge of a cliff)

The catering was buffet-style…

…we picked wild blackberries, right off the bush.

And we ate 4 different types of meat, cooked on spits. I didn’t take a photo of the spits, I was |this| close to becoming a vegetarian.

We sat on a hill at sunset, watched spiders spinning webs, listened to speeches, heard people shagging in the bushes (srsly!) and sucked up that country air that we don’t get in the city.

One of the most relaxed, dusty weddings we will ever go to. And I loved it.

And I reckon I could actually camp it next time we visit…

Provided there’s a working toilet.

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2 thoughts on “No really, I’m being serious about what was happening in the bushes

  1. I like the font on your headings.

    I’m so not a camper ;)

    Posted on 22 February 2011 at 9:43 pm
  2. Hahaha! Why is there always someone shagging where they shouldn’t be ;o) I enjoyed this story very much :o)

    Posted on 24 February 2011 at 5:26 pm