I learned very quickly in my life that (really) good things only seem to happen to me when I’ve (really) earned it.

Exhibit A: back in my youth, I was in a very dubious “relationship” that, in the course of a year, managed to destroy my soul to the point that it took years to recover. I had lost value of myself as a person, was treated like dirt by this supposed boyfriend and was metaphorically and emotionally dragged through the mud.

Then, just as that relationship was falling apart, I met Dan and my life got infinitely better from that point onwards. It sounds dramatic to say that Dan saved my life, but you know what I mean, right? He turned my life around so much, it’s hard to remember the old me.

It’s no surprise that last year was a complete write-off, with mum being in hospital and all the drama that it generated (okay, I generated some of that drama too). But I knew that it was only happening because of the wedding. And I can’t to go into the drama that led to us eloping, because it still hurts us today, it still hurts our families and our only consolation is that our reasons behind why we eloped are still valid. I’m sorry that it’s so cryptic, but thats the most I can share. But getting married was the best thing to have happened to me and I knew it was only made possible by the most difficult year I had lived through.

The last month has been a challenge for me; I’ve been tested personally and professionally and I’m not entirely sure if I passed or not. But you know when your life just continually kicks you in the shins, just when you think things might start to look up, life just says “hahaha, sucked in!”? My life had reached a point where even minor set backs were worthy of an Oscar-winning sook-fest. Woe is me, #firstworldproblems, etc.

I was literally just trying to get through each day, surviving on a diet of adrenaline, deadlines and shifting goalposts.

Then, yesterday, I was rewarded. I had a nice day with mum, taking her to an appointment. I even managed to get some shopping in on my way home.

Then I got home and found an email telling us that we have a moving date. Our tenants will be out within a couple of weeks and we can start to move into Suburbia.

I’ve desperately waiting for this, I’m ready to move, as much as I’ll miss living in Bohemia. The new neighbours here are shitting us off big time and as Gough said It’s Time. Everything is falling into place. And it feels as though it’s happening because I’ve earned it.

Thank you, universe.

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3 thoughts on “Hard earned.

  1. x

    I just went though one of those patches, moving to Sydney by myself, new job. One of those times where I honestly didn’t believe that I would wake up the next day at some point.

    But pulling through.

    Posted on 4 December 2011 at 9:12 am
    1. the idea of moving to a new city scares me so much… you were so brave to do it on your own :) x

      Posted on 4 December 2011 at 3:42 pm
  2. You have most definitely earned it Spunky… richly and bountifully deserved :o) xo

    Posted on 7 December 2011 at 7:00 pm