A few nights ago the back lanes of Enmore were all a-flurry with excitement:


A film crew!

Admittedly, they were filming a short film that just happened to be set in a laneway, but it got me wondering what Enmore – The Movie would be like…

Opening scenes: Morning commuters patiently wait for buses to come up along Enmore Road. Customers walk into the Methadone Clinic to make an appointment. People with parcel pick-up cards hassle the Post Office staff before they actually open for the day. Cafes fill up with coffee-needing customers. Residents hose their footpaths to remove the pee from the night before.

Drama!: Another Thai restaurant opens up and the 20 other Thai restaurants get the shits. The police are called for another complaint about a “local businessman” and his inappropriate behaviour. People double-park illegally while they pick up their fruit and vege from Alfalfa House. There’s a gig on at the Enmore Theatre and/or at Notes Live and parking becomes a thousand times worse than usual (and it’s the locals who get the parking fines). The bottle-o gets robbed and/or the front window shatters all over the footpath (again).

Closing scenes: The guy who carries his pet snake on his shoulders is walking home. The old greek guys outside that mysterious unnamed shopfront have another smoko. Customers pick up some last-minute groceries from IGA (but not Food Works). There’s smoke billowing out of the Sultan’s Table because they don’t have sufficient exhaust fans in their kitchen. Locals stand around and watch a street artist create another mural on a vertical surface.

What quintessential Enmore scenes have I missed?

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2 thoughts on “Enmore – The Movie

  1. i think you’ve missed out the crazy cupcake lady

    Posted on 15 July 2009 at 8:26 pm