I am in serious need for some inspiration, motivation or scare tactics to get me back into the healthy eating and regular exercise thang.

(Although, given Sydney’s humidity this month, how am I expected to do anything more than sit in front of the fan and complain about the humidity?)

I popped along to see Dr Joe last weekend and he’s happy with my overall weightloss (I weighed in at 85.5, meaning I’ve lost 9kg since August last year, when I was 94.5). Even though there’s a European scare over the fat pills I’m currently taking (and a fake Aussie ban, one I’ve been wanting to rant about for AGES), Joe has continued prescribing Reductil and given me another 5 nutritionist sessions for the year.

I’m too scared to go back to seeing Traci just yet!

One thing Joe mentioned – and finally explained in a way that I understood – is that the body finds it easier to burn sugars than fats. So by having sugary treats or sugar in your coffee, your body will prefer to go for the sugars, instead of the fat   you’re so desperate to get rid of. But by reducing your sugar intake, your body will be forced to burn the fat. HA! Take that, lard. The information makes sense, but it was the first time the theory was explained in a way that my poor brain understood. Lightbulb!

But I still hadn’t been motivated to exercise or do more than attempt to curb my fat-people food. Usually buying something will motivate me, like new sneakers (not needed), or a new fitness/food iPhone app (again, not needed), or a Wii game (definitely not needed, though I want a dancing one!)

Then I heard the news of the Singapore study by the University of Minnesota over the course of 14 years has found that soft drinks may increase the risk of pancreatic cancer. Fudge. Cancer is pretty common in my family, too. Suddenly Coke and V isn’t tasting as great when I drink it. Partial win?

Then last night I watched Jamie Oliver’s TED talk from earlier this month:

While it’s focused on obesity in America, it hit pretty close to home about sugary and processed foods. My family has never very good at knowing what was healthy, and it’s already carried on to the next generation of my family. But there’s something in Jamie’s delivery in this speech that really got me. I was actually feeling pretty crabby for about an hour after watching it, just to show how powerful it is. It’s also Jamie out of his element; he’s not being a git, he’s taking deep breaths and using palm cards.

Anyone got anything scary to help motivate me?

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10 thoughts on “Scaring the pants off myself to lose weight

  1. well done so far!

    yeah I learned the sugar/fat thing away this summer. like how silly it is to wash down kfc with pepsi ;)

    Posted on 14 February 2010 at 9:04 pm
  2. I’ve never heard of that sugar/fat thing before, but it makes so much sense.

    In the past month or so I’ve been cutting out a lot of my sugars (but clearly not *all*) – no more coke, ice cream, no more sugary desserts, etc, and have been losing a bit of weight. It makes sense as to why now.

    I was just happy because I’m not constantly crashing after a sugar high – I feel much more stable and less prone to mood swings. Well, I *think* I’m less prone to mood swings, I should probably ask Jarod if I actually am. ;)
    .-= Liz´s last blog ..45/365 – The Late Night IGA Dash =-.

    Posted on 14 February 2010 at 9:13 pm
  3. (Also, you’re doing amazingly with the weight loss – I think I’d have a hard time staying that committed!!)
    .-= Liz´s last blog ..45/365 – The Late Night IGA Dash =-.

    Posted on 14 February 2010 at 9:15 pm
  4. That’s a properly awesome amount of weight loss Miss Laura.

    (and yes. Liz has less mood swings)

    Posted on 14 February 2010 at 9:25 pm
  5. thanks guys :))

    @liz/jarod – i can get so moody, hard to narrow it down to just sugar causing it ;)

    @fiona – but kfc always needs a pepsi (or in my case, 7up) chaser! i’d rather have no kfc than to have water with it

    Posted on 14 February 2010 at 10:16 pm
  6. You’re doing a great job so far! I have nothing to motivate you, I’m afraid. Just use the existing weight loss as something to be proud of.
    .-= GoaldeeBug´s last blog ..St Louis Zoo =-.

    Posted on 15 February 2010 at 4:08 am
  7. Awesome job so far!

    As for scary things – how does an increase risk of heart disease, diabetes and stroke sound?

    When I needed motivation to lose weight, I watched Biggest Loser because I knew that if I didn’t lose weight and change my eating habits, I would eat myself to that size. Looking at them and seeing that is what my future could be if I didn’t do something about it was scary enough to get me motivated.
    .-= Riayn´s last blog ..100,000 Signatures Needed for Libel Reform: Why You Should Sign =-.

    Posted on 15 February 2010 at 12:13 pm
  8. thanks kerri :D

    @riayn, biggest loser is MASSIVE motivation! i keep missing the good episodes with exercise and cooking bits, though

    Posted on 15 February 2010 at 6:37 pm
  9. try swapping every other fizzy drink for water or squash (i know drinking just water can be horrid if you’re not used to it)

    don’t try and cut out your coke all together cos i think that would be too tough and you end up beating yourself up if you don’t manage it, but if you can swap every other time, that will still make a big difference and if you feel better from that, that might be the motivation you need to cut down completely!

    Posted on 16 February 2010 at 8:45 pm