Well, sorta. I kinda fell off the wagon a couple of times.

But I did it. I even went 13 days without full strength coke. Those of you know me will know how huuuuge that is.

It wasn’t easy, but it wasn’t as hard as I was expecting it to be.

To prove my dedication, I wrote a food diary for the first eight days and it was actually really really helpful to help connect some dots on cravings, withdrawal and whatnot.

DAY 1 – Monday 17 January

Weighed in at 91.5kg – a full kilo above 1 January weigh-in. Could be PMS-related, but hard to tell.
Scoffed a Snickers and a packet of Smith\’s S&V chippies with a can of Coke before lunch – my attempt at a last hurrah of sugar. Ate the whole lot (save for about a quarter of the Coke – never did finish it) and didn\’t feel overly full afterwards.
Ate a late lunch (cheese sammich with Logicol) when the hunger pangs started. Drank water.
About 6ish, I felt like shit. Itchy, water-y eyes. Tired, yawning and aching for more sugar. Had a disco nap before dinner to ward it off. It mostly worked.
Dinner of steak, veggies and baked potato with butter. Checked the mustard we put on the steak and the sugars seem to be within the main ingredients, so not too worried. Drank water.
Dessert was a homemade mango puree/greek youghurt concoction in the IKEA icy pole moulds.
Felt really really hungry just before going to sleep.

DAY 2 – Tuesday 18 January

Weet Bix for breakfast.
Strawberries, blueberries and grapes for morning tea – blueberries good, strawberries okay, grapes are way too high in fructose according to the book. Topped with 2Tbsp of Black Swan Greek-style yoghurt – which has inulin in it. Will have to toss that one and buy some other yoghurt to replace it.
Lunch was ham/cheese melts and a 200ml glass of full cream milk. Felt very full afterwards, even until 3pm when I left to go to the pool.
Swam 12 laps at the pool and snacked on a handful of cashews when I got home. Halfway though the swim I felt starving, but it was probably a sugar thing? Felt better after having the nuts, though.
Ate some watermelon while chopping it up for work snacks – too high fructose to eat too often.
Dinner was Balti curry with basmati rice. Didn\’t check the curry paste, but the can of tomatoes/caps that we used had sugar in them.
Made chicken sandwiches for lunch at work tomorrow. The frozen tube of Dill has dextrose in it! The S&W mayo has sugar and corn syrup in it, though, so will have to change to a different brand of whole-egg mayo (Neil Perry?).
Didn\’t seem to crave anything sugar-y today, just disappointed as I remembered that I couldn\’t have apple juice with dinner.
Going to bed feeling v tired, but feels like a sugar downer kind of tired.

DAY 3 – Wednesday 19 January

First day back at work.
Weet Bix and Berocca for breakfast (Berocca has aspartame in it, but don\’t know how much).
Late morning tea of watermelon. Was hungry before and after eating it.
Lunch was sandwiches supplied by work. Stuck to the better ones and had minimal coleslaw on one.
Felt okay until just after lunch. Eyes tired, water-y, itchy. Kept drinking water and trying to distract myself with work. Headache started up, too.
Got home and had cinnamon toast and salted cashews and had a nanna nap on the couch. Headache marginally better afterwards.
San Remo pizza for dinner and a Coke Zero. Massive cravings for sugar since waking up from the nap.
Caved to sugar cravings and made cinnamon rolls. Ate a small one and threw the rest out   because I put in too much salt and they tasted feral.

DAY 4 – Thursday 20 January

Woke up before the alarm, actually felt awake.
3x Weet Bix for breakfast in the hope of taming my appetite at work. Kinda worked.
Kept feeling awake, though left eye kept watering even with an antihistamine
Grapes and watermelon for morning tea. Work had a cinnamon bun and didn\’t have any, even when I was wrapping it to put in the fridge!
Drank water, but not as much as yesterday.
Chicken sandwich for lunch (Baker\’s delight chia bread, poached chicken, dill (with dextrose!), mixed leaves and S&W mayo. Still need to buy new mayo.
Felt a bit tired, had half a can of Pepsi Max with cold pizza for dinner.

DAY 5 – Friday 21 January

Woke up early again. Snuck in a weigh-in and came in at 90.8 (<0.7)
3x Weet Bix for breakfast again.
Grapes and an orange for morning tea. There was a Michele\’s choc mud cake for morning tea, but didn\’t want to eat it. Decided to wait until tonight to make a cake and have some of that.
Catered work lunch at 1.30 and was starving. Ate a couple of sandwiches.
Ate a small-ish piece of the mud cake. Wasn\’t wanting it, but seemed to be out of habit. Didn\’t enjoy it at all. The cake tasted dry and boring. What a bloody waste. Won\’t be making cake tonight.
Fell off the wagon completely after work and had some white chocolate I found in my baking supplies.
Oporto for dinner. Otropo burger, chips and Coke Zero. Probably didn\’t scrape enough of the sauce of the burget (I didn\’t scrape any off)

DAY 6 – Saturday 22 January

Brunch at Blue Fig of bacon, scrambled eggs, hash brown and toast. Had a fresh OJ that I shouldn\’t\’ve had, but enjoyed thoroughly.
Didn\’t feel like lunch at all, but tried getting a Lemon Lime & Bitters Slurpee after visiting mum. Three 7-11 stores didn\’t have it so I had a raspberry one instead. Should have waited til I found a LLB store.
Butter chicken for dinner with home cooked poppadoms.
Ate some more white chocolate at some point, too. Whoops

DAY 7 – Sunday 23 January

3x Weet Bix for breakfast.
Tried buying dextrose from the supermarket and they don\’t stock it. Seemed pointless to buy glucose syrup. Bought Jalna yoghurt (amazing how many yoghurts have sugar as an ingredient. As in, 98% of them). Bought Thommy mayonnaise.
Starving by lunchtime and had chicken fried rice from Bank\’s Thai. Probably okay for sugar if it\’s fried? Had a Coke Zero to go with it.
Made ANZAC biscuits using the standard recipe but replacing sugar with Equal baking sugar that I bought last year. The stuff is light as anything and I\’m still sweeping it up from the floor. The raw dough seemed okay tasting, but the baked product tasted feral. Cheered myself up with a fruitless hot cross bun (sugar seemed okay in these if I didn\’t eat the cross) with Logicol
Dinner was a tuna/potato bake with white sauce and peas. Had a Pepsi Max and getting used to Pepsi products.

DAY 8 – Monday 24 January

Woke up feeling shitty. Mondayitis or sugar binge on weekend?
2x Weet Bix for breakfast.
Morning tea of Jalna youghurt and watermelon. Drank some water, but not heaps.
Felt pretty good except for the left eye acting up again.
Lunch was curry leftovers with 2-minute basmati rice in the microwave. Cooled off with an orange from the fridge.
Handful of unsalted cashews when I got home, plus a hot cross bun.
KFC for dinner but chose the 2 piece feed. Ate the chicken, chips and some of the “bread roll”. The NIP on the potato/gravy seemed to indicate no added sugar. Pepsi Max.

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4 thoughts on “My first 8 days without sugar

  1. Good on you for giving it a go. Good luck with your journey!

    Trying to swing by and follow/meet new blogs before the AusBlogCon. Pop by bigwords if you get a chance x

    Posted on 3 February 2011 at 8:08 pm
  2. Hey – thanks for stopping by my blog!

    I don’t think I could ever go without sugar – I love it way too much! Sounds like you are doing a good job though!

    Posted on 6 February 2011 at 4:01 pm
  3. You’re amazing Rah! Fucking top job, well done X

    Posted on 6 February 2011 at 10:48 pm
  4. Good try but every single day you still had sugar! WEETBIX HAS SUGAR IN IT.

    Posted on 14 May 2011 at 12:03 pm