smartphone-using-catI admit it: I’m an app/web service snob. It takes a lot for me to use — let alone recommend — one. I’m also a rare beast in that I use all of the mainstream OSes (MacOS, Windows, Android and iOS) and that makes the search for The One App a pain in the butt. But there have been a few that rooly trooly do what I want an app to do and have drastically improved my productivity and are beyond worthy of a shout out.

Caveat: this is hands-down, no ifs or buts, NOT a sponsored frigging post.

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Six apps slash services follow, in alphabetical order:

Boomerang Gmail

Don’t want to send an email straight away? Boomerang it to send at the exact date/time you want it to go. Want to follow up an email you’ve sent if no one replies by Tuesday? Boomerang it and it’ll only land back in your inbox if one one’s replied by then. So simple, so awesome for my productivity.

Price: Free for 10 boomerangs/month, premium options available that I would definitely sign up for if I was self-employed.

Falcon Pro

Hands down the best Twitter client on Android and I owe Shan on Twitter big time for showing me the way. For reasons I don’t quite get, it’s no longer available on the Play Store and there’s a convoluted workaround to get it working with the Twitter API on your phone. But it is totes worth it.

Price: Free. I’d pay if it was an option!


Feedly is okay (I guess) as a replacement RSS reader after the untimely death of Google Reader, but it just wasn’t flexible enough for my wants (or similar enough to Google Reader). I cottoned onto Feedspot courtesy of a Twitter convo Scarlet was having with the creator and I was won over from that point onwards. It’s relatively new and while there aren’t apps for Android/iOS available yet, I’m willing to wait it out because it’s worthy.

Price: Free for the cool bits, and I’ve got a one-month premium account courtesy of the creator. It’s ~$24/year for the premium, but I reckon I’ll cough up for premium at the end of the month to show my support.


It’s an open source password manager that works on MacOS, Windows, iOS and Android. I’ve been dubious about password managers for yonks, but have finally started to turn (much to Dan’s delight). The only thing that is shite so far is that only the Windows version has autofill.
Protip: save the database file to your Dropbox and it’ll be accessible anywhere.

Price: Free. But it’s open source, so you’re at the mercy of the coders.

Tick Tick

I want to sing about this one from the rooftops. THIS is the task manager I’ve been looking for my whole life (kinda not joking). It works in Chrome, Android and iOS just in the way I want. All that it needs to complete my life is the missed call features in the Any.Do Android/iOS apps (Hey! You missed a call! Wanna ring ’em back now? Oh, in an hour? I’ll totes remind you!)

Price: Free for the majority of features that you’d want, but I just realised the pro version is only ten bucks (US) a year and I’ve just signed up. Less about the added features/support, more about supporting a product that is completely worthy. strips out mailing list emails in your Gmail and sends them to you as a daily digest. Perfect for those blog updates, newsletters and Google alerts. Its AI is pretty cluey to auto picking what should be rolled up but you can do this manually too. Best part is that it can unsubscribe you from a mailing list instead of you pfaffing around with it.

Price: Free, though that probably means that they use/sell data based on my email. Don’t be surprised if I do a follow up post where I complain about a free service using my private data for their benefit.

Got any good apps to recommend? Hit me up!

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