It’s been almost two months since I switched from iPhone on Vodafone to the HTC Desire on Telstra.

There’s been a bit of a learning curve after feeling like I’d been using my iPhone for years (I have no chance remembering how to use a Nokia or Sony Ericsson anymore).

I’ve compiled a non-exhaustive list of things I’m loving about my HTC Desire/Android:

  • The ability to make/receive phone calls and send/receive texts and even voicemail retrieval. I know this is standard for a mobile phone, but have you ever owned an iPhone on the Vodafone network?
  • Apps like Listen (for podcasts)
  • Social media integration (Twitter, Facebook,  Flickr, even Gmail for email, contacts and calender
  • Google maps app is SO much better on Android than on iOS
  • Drag-and-drop functionality when connected to my PC. None of this syncing crap! This goes for photos, music and whatever else is stored on the SD card
  • Oh! The SD card! I got to choose how much storage I wanted (or, how much I could afford to buy)
  • Using Double Twist on my desktop to sync selected iTunes playlists to the phone (I tried using Winamp, I really did…. but I’m struggling to let go of iTunes)
  • The ability to block a contact and send their calls direct to voicemail. To be used sparingly, of course, and I’ll never use it for  your phone number ;)
  • The Swype keyboard. OH MY GOD THIS BIT IS AMAZING. Hello, one-handed typing for important tweeting while eating lunch!
  • A lot more customisation than the iPhone will ever allow.

And then there’s the inevitable list of things I miss about my iPhone

  • Battery life (and I never thought I’d compliment the iPhone on that), though battery life improves greatly when you know how to tweak settings
  • Camera (again, never thought I’d say such!)
  • Words with Friends and other iPhone-only games
  • YouTube app, just the way it displays new videos from your subscriptions…   in that it doesn’t have that view
  • AppStore… it’s so much better than the Android Marketplace, moreso because each app purchase is charged individually to your credit card, meaning a separate international transation fee for each app purchased. Even if it’s $0.99
  • Lack of EXIF data in iPhone photos… makes it harder for me to cheat in my 365 Project ;)
  • The looks I get from friends and family when they find out that I chose to ditch my iPhone (and have since lent it to my BFF to use as an iPod Touch)… I’m losing some of my tech cred amongst those who got used to me raving about my iPhone

More than anything, I love not being a slave to Apple. I’ve heard too many stories of their shonky service department’s… well, service (or lack thereof) and I knew that I was just part of Apple’s grand plan to keep us on a short leash while they take over the world (not an exaggeration, surely?).

I know that by continuing to use iTunes for my desktop music player (and for buying music) that I’m not entirely free, and a bit of a hypocrite. But, in my  defense, the iTunes store is just too large and too well-integrated with gift vouchers/credit card charges (also, the best DRM settings of the available online music stores).

This week I “rooted” my Desire with the T-Mod, meaning I could hack it even more. TOTALLY WORTH the five hours it took to install (Five hours is a long time when you’ve got a wedding to plan). Much faster and my complaints about things like the YouTube app are totally wiped off the slate.

Executive summary

I am SO glad that I’ve ditched my iPhone. And this month, Dan ditched his too (but for a Samsung Galaxy). It’s nice being an iPhone-free family :)

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2 thoughts on “Android honeymoon period

  1. Rish just got an Android – sony one. Loved it. Would prefer the apps were easier to tell which phone they worked for though.

    Posted on 2 October 2010 at 3:38 pm
  2. Have a request from John – can you do a follow up post about Samsung Galaxy v HTC Desire? Not that either of us are shopping around just yet. ;)

    Posted on 28 November 2010 at 12:35 pm