When I was a kid, I envied everyone else who was getting their tonsils out. They got to eat icecream all. the. time.

I wanted ice cream all the time!

Yesterday I had my third wisdom tooth forcefully yanked out removed within a month. Dr Ben the Dentist did a great job last month (only one bowl of icecream consumed), but I knew this tooth was going to be more problematic, and expected a slower recovery. I prepared myself to eat icecream for at least 2 days.

After the hour-long “extraction” process (I was white-knuckled and deep-breathing the whole time), I got 2 stitches and some bone drilled off in addition to the gaping hole in my gum. I took the Panadeine Forte that Ben prescribed, but it still hurt a bit. Nothing like I was expecting, though. I still planned to have some ice cream, except we didn’t actually have any. Fail.

This morning I only took Nurofen for the pain, and only as a pre-emptive move since we were going grocery shopping (to buy me some icecream).   Nurofen has done a better job, win!

I bought So Good’s Bliss Heavenly Chocolate soy icecream “frozen dessert”. Because I figured I can’t just eat a litre of Conoisseur icecream and not end up a 10-tonne Tesse.

My mouth is doing amazingly well, but I figured I should have some icecream (or frozen dessert, even) JUST TO MAKE SURE THE RECOVERY GOES WELL. I had no idea soy icecream (or frozen dessert) could taste decent, or even, nice. Who knew?!

So even though I can eat (almost) normally, I’m going to have some more icecream (frozen dessert)  .

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