#passaturday 2014

Last year, my in-laws started a new tradition of making passata from scratch. It involves taking a butt-tonne of tomatoes and chopping, blending, mushing, simmering and bottling them into long neck beer bottles.

It also involves plenty of wine and beer.

Yesterday was #passaturday 2014 and we went hard. In terms of what we processed and how much we drank. It was needed to get through the 9+ hours of work we did.

It started at sunrise with some of the boys going to the markets to buy 160kg (yeah, really) of tomatoes. They cost us $1/kg (hashtag: bargain!)

 Once they were all washed, the crew got to hacking off the dodgy bits off the tomatoes and slicing them into the quarters

 All hands were on deck, even the kids

 Then processing/blending and running twice through the KitchenAid

 Then we boiled the juice down for a couple of hours until it was nice and thick

(what was that old ad that had the line “not as thick as some”??)

Then the bottling phase finished the process

So those 160kg of tomatoes turned into 113 long necks of passata. We infused the bottles with garlic and basil too, for extra awesome. THEY SMELL SO GOOD ZOMG.

I mean, sure, there was a lightening storm in the afternoon and we had to move everything inside. And I was so not used to being outside for so many hours that I had to eat jelly snakes to get me through. But it was a LOT of fun. We sang, we danced, we drank (a lot) and we got enough pizza sauce to last us a good 7 months.

Next we’re thinking marinated feta.

Crazy? Yeah we are.

By Rah Gardiner


  1. Psych Babbler   •  

    Sounds like a great family tradition! Next up — pickles? Or jams?

    • rah gardiner   •     Author

      the more adventurous of us are gonna make jam, but there’s talk of making all sorts of different cheeses – could be interesting!

  2. Cybele @ BlahBlah   •  

    Bottoms up to our crazy family! Awesome post lovely lady x

    • rah gardiner   •     Author

      we’re the right type of crazy too, just the way i like it xoxo

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