Cicciolina on King Street has always been one of those trendy places that I’ve eyed off when we used to go to King Street for breakfast (tangent: why haven’t we gone out for breakfast since we moved here??). Cicciolina looks cool and the menu seemed decent (not too out there for my sensitive pallet) and okayish prices, too.

Dan and I ended up there last weekend when we helped our beloved Ruthie celebrate selling her house; a group of 5 of us had trouble finding a table at a King Street restaurant without a reservation, but Cicciolina was very accommodating.

All the food was very delish and my pumpkin ravioli was as yummy as I was hoping. Since I was “helping Ruthie celebrate” I decided to order a strawberry daiquari to “go with dinner”. I’d already had a couple of tart fuels before dinner, so this thing really didn’t help with the mild hangover I had the following morning:

Strawberry Daiquari at Cicciolina, Newtown

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