Here lies a lesson for a smug rah, on not being so damn smug.

The other day I caught up with an old innernets friend, Ash, who I’ve known since she was 14.

We spent hours marvelling at how grown up we are now, with jobs, husbands…Ash has a toddler and I’ve got… two cats.

While we were yapping, Ash was on high alert for her little one, who’s just begun toilet training. And whenever there was a missed attempt, Ash would dutifully clean up.

And I sat there, all smug (on the inside of course), thinking “this is great, I don’t have to clean up pee cause I don’t have kids”.

Then this morning, I discovered that Bear had (once again) pissed over the edge of the litter tray and onto the bathroom floor. So I dutifully cleaned up after him…and then I realised.

Realised that I am exactly like Ash with her cutie… except eventually Ash’s kid will be toilet trained… and I’ll still be cleaning litter trays.

Smug smackdown complete.

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One thought on “Smug smackdown

  1. Hahaha. Oh, this did make me laugh.

    Posted on 6 January 2014 at 10:45 am