I’m supposed to be washing my hair, doing the washing up, making my lunch for work tomorrow and etc before settling down on the couch to catch up on Daily Show and Colbert Report.

But I have to tell you about Bear pooping through a small hole above the toilet and his poop landing in the water with a big splash.

We moved to the intermediate orange disc (so step 1.5) for the first time since I went away in December/January. We’ve taken our time to get back to this point, and it seems to be doing the trick. Elvis is still the perfect trainee, but even Bear and his stubbornness has managed to deal with this stage this time ’round.

There’s still some work to go before we’re ready for the real intermediate stage, but we’re on the move.

The countdown is on for the end of kitty litter in our house. Bring it on.

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