This week I received my new Dyson DC39 Animal  that I won at their “ball technology launch” (snigger) at the end of August. I didn’t blog about it because I was scared it would jinx everything and the free Dyson would never eventuate.

Because it’s the “animal” model, I had dreams of teaching Elvis and Bear to ride around on the Dyson. But it turns out they’re inspired to clean themselves:

No time for pony rides, must. clean. fur!

Every Saturday (almost, anyway) I post a photo of my cats to celebrate Caturday. Why don\’t you join in, too? rainbowtatt\’s Caturday is not fussed in any way if any Dogurday participants want to join in :)

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2 thoughts on “Caturday: Dyson cats

  1. Who doesn’t love a Dyson?

    Posted on 12 November 2011 at 11:37 am
    1. my husband, apparently (but i’m working on him) ;)

      Posted on 12 November 2011 at 10:52 pm