It’s been well over a year since I successfully cancelled my iPhone Vodafone contact (without paying the $1,500 exit fee). And my post explaining how I broke the two-year contract within six months of signing up is my most popular post here, ever. And this blog has posts going back about to 2006.

There are still shitloads of disgruntled Vodafone users out there. Enough to warrant  Sydney-based legal firm Piper Alderman to being plans for a class action suit against Vodafone.

From their website:

Calls dropping out, reception issues, poor data performance – this is not what Vodafone customers signed up for. Vodafone, however, has continued to charge customers on its mobile plans, without providing the service it promised.
Customers who signed up with Vodafone over the last three years may be entitled to compensation if they were misled into signing contracts or if Vodafone did not live up to its end of the bargain.
We are investigating a class action against Vodafone to recover losses suffered by its customers over the last three years, plus interest. So far, we have had over 20,000 people express their interest in joining the class action.

If you want to give Vodafone a serve, this is definitely the way to go. Go fill out the survey under the heading Complete the survey if you think that you have suffered losses because of Vodafone or 3 Mobile.

So if   you have been unable to operate your business, do your job, your kid’s school hasn’t been able to contact you during a medical emergency… you definitely fall into the category of people who have suffered losses because of Vodafone.

If you are experiencing difficulties with the online survey or would prefer to fill out a hard copy questionnaire, you can email  or call 02 9253 9999 between 9am and 5pm weekdays.

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