New ladycrush: Sheryl Sandberg

Leigh linked to a Mashable piece of inspirational TED talks the other day.

I clicked along, thinking ‘yell yeah, I’m totes in the mood for being inspired’, scrolled through the list to pick one vid to get me started.

And found this one by Sheryl Sandberg:


Then I trawled teh YouTubes and found this one:


And then this one that I listed to in the car on the way to work this morning*


Just, wow. I feel like I completely misunderstood feminism before now. Probably because I did.

I am officially Sheryl Sandberg’s newest fangirl. Her manner just hits me on so many levels and her insights are (at the risk of sounding like an idiot) have revolutionised my thinking.

They’re well worth watching, yo. Even if you only watch a few minutes.

This find is the latest in a huge spark of Light Bulb Moments (see what I did there?) in the last few weeks. I’ve done a complete turnaround since October when I was feeling like I’ve wasted this year. Big Things are on the way; hope I’m hanging on tight.

tumblr_mqtqejR3d71srjiuno1_500(from my new fave Tumblr: What Would You Do If You Weren’t Afraid)

Hope you are too ;)

* phone turned away from me, but still playing the vid so I could listen to it

Rah New Year

It’s Jacaranda season, yo! October 25, 2013 at 0732AM-Why would you use a filter Being born in the Jacaranda City = this little Rah is a Jaca Girl. Jacas are my favouritest trees and this is my absolute favourite time year when they’re in full flight. October 25, 2013 at 0118PM-I'll run out of these pics, eventually Bursts of purple fireworks all over the place is like my own new year revolution. October 24, 2013 at 0428PM- I’ve been spamming my Instagram with photos of the purple giants – some of them are huuuuuge and so amazing. I love driving around and finding them standing over backyards, parks, street corners and carparks. I even have a crack team of friends who are sending me pics of pretty Jacas they find :))October 24, 2013 at 0116PM-Sigh! Jacaranda season always fills me with hope. Winter is my least favourite season and I’m always glad to see the back of it (don’t let the door hit your on the way out, etc). Warmer air, kookaburras, BBQs, bats and sunshine! October 21, 2013 at 0506PM-Love #jacaranda season. Purple fireworks everywhere Since I saw my first Jaca in mid-September I’ve been shedding my winter skin. I’ve been taking a long hard look at myself and where I’m at in the year and realigning my priorities for the rest of the year.  Some of it is scary. Actually, most of it is. Scary is good (so I’m told) but I’m learning to just go with it. Hold me? October 19, 2013 at 1118PM-Dear days like today I could do with more of you x It’s gonna be a happy rah new year.

An apology to 2013

Dear 2013,

I’m sorry I put so much pressure on you to be awesome. I kinda built you up to be something ah-may-zing.

Annnnnd, well, let’s be honest. The amazingness hasn’t really bowled me over. Don’t get me wrong: all sorts of awesome shiz has happened this year (including, but not limited to White House Down), but, well, the THING that I was so sure you were bringing to the table… it just ain’t turnin’ up.

We’re both to blame, really, cause I haven’t lived up to my end of the bargain, either. I had so many Big Plans that turned out to be too much. I’ve been trying to fix All The Things that turn out to need much more work than even I anticipated. I’ve been trying to break new ground on crazy ideas that could change my world. But I am swamped by to-do lists full of to-do lists, by over-analysing, by giving into fear, by being plain lazy. By words that don’t even exist in the English language. Thank Jeebus for learning Brasilian Portuguese and having a word that will be as close as I can get.

That said, we still have two more months up our sleeve before 2014 comes a’knockin’. Two months to focus on that finishing line and karate-chopping into next year. Kicking ass and taking names.

Consider this y/our wake up call.


The wind is taking it everywhere

We’re ¼ of the way through 2013. ALREADY. Holy jeebus where did those three months go? I’m still getting used to typing 2013 instead of 2012, yo.

Have all your new year’s resolutions gone out the window?


Although I have kept a couple of promises to myself: to learn how to take betterer photos and get professional help for my wellbeing. I’m doing BOTH of things. #highfive

Most days I wonder how I could have thought that 2013 is going to a corker of a year, but I still feel it, just under the surface.

Do you still feel it too?

My week summed up in animated GIFs

Two very strange things happened this week.

One: I got box seats to see Keith Urban in concert. I played the dutiful trophy wife once more and even though I hadn’t even listened to a Keith Urban single, let alone a whole album, I’d become a bit of a fan of his after his stint on The Voice last year.

After a surreal experience of eating a belated dinner in a room lit only by the flashing neon from Keith’s opening number, we got to watch the concert while drinking endless cups of coke zero and creme brulee. By the end, I was a complete convert to Australia’s favourite fluffy-haired singing export. Keith puts on a bloody good show and knows what his fans want when they come to see him in concert.

Two: Someone who I adore very much told me on Thursday that I remind them of Renee Zelwegger’s interpretation of Bridget Jones. Mostly because of my ability to make an idiot of myself and my preference for wearing bunny ears.

I do NOT count calories like Bridget does, though I’m known to wear granny fat sucker knickers and sing along to power balads very loudly when the mood suits.

On Thursday arvo I told my podiatrist of my friend’s recent discovery AND SHE AGREED THAT I’M LIKE BRIDGET. I asked if that meant I got to slide down fireman poles and kiss Hugh Grant and Colin Firth.

Apparently that’s not going to happen for me.