Ooookay, this has been a long time coming, but I’m going to try to list all the vendors we used as part of the wedding. There will have to be multiple posts cause I know I’ll forget something… also I haven’t finished taking photos of the extra stuff that we had done…

Hen’s Party — Hen’s Treasure Hunt

A well-organised little business and fun way to celebrate being a hen without (too much) debauchery ;)

Day-before-the-wedding pampering — Endota Day Spa

This was a surprise day with my chief, paid for by my gorgeous MGs from Melbourne, England, Wales and Sweden. Was completely floored by the generosity of my girls   and loved the day spa experience.

My dressMrK via Harts

My dress was from the Ongoing Bridesmaids collection, and you can order dresses from the range in a multitude of colours. They get shipped from China and take three months to deliver (though mine only took two). Three weeks before the wedding, I almost bought a second dress — issues of wearing something so sheer didn’t leave much to the imagination, but a lot of my stress was brought on by bride-brain and turns out I had nothing to worry about.

Bridesmaid’s dress —  MrK via Harts

Nat’s dress was largely the same as mine, with a different neckline and in the awesomely named pink shade of COSMIC. Nat got hers hemmed up to her ankles to go with her shoes better. Nat’s dress was imported from China too, but it only took two-and-a-half months instead of the quoted three.

My shoes — Target

My only requirements for my wedding shoes   were for them to be flat (comfort and I didn’t want to be taller than my groom) and to be hot pink (inspired by Sandy). I bought a pair from K-Mart in February, but they were too tight (my hopes to stretch them were quashed). But I found a largely similar pair in Target last month for $15. Awesome!

Dan’s suit — Anna Ro

Dan’s been going to Anna Ro for 10+ years for suits and general alterations of clothes he’s bought. Anna *loves* Dan and has been asking us for years when we were going to get married, get a mortgage and have kids. Dan’s suit was made entirely by Anna and her tailoring assistant, Frank, after much discussion over colours and fabric options. He also got a shirt custom made and my dress was altered here too. Anna is a bit of a nutjob, but she’s good at what she does. She was adament about us posing like this for a photo… this is Anna to a T:

Bouquets Flowers by the Vase

For a multitude of reasons, I went with silk flowers. I went with this Sydney-based duo and were really happy with them. I wrote about them over at That’s Noice, too.

Cut-outs of our kittehs

Well, these were a special extra from our photographers :) Don’t they look handsome? They wore ties and everything!

Wedding bandsVanessa Samuels

Van is now one of my gorgeous in-laws. She makes stunning stuff and designed our rings from scratch. I love knowing that our rings are one-of-a-kind :)

BraceletDelia S Thompson

I’ve had a number of silver  jewellery gifts made by Delia, and earlier this year I decided it was time to treat myself. Mine’s inscripted with a few lines from the first verse of “The Luckiest” by Ben Folds, which has been my personal wedding theme :))

Marriage Celebrant – Lachlan Warner

Lachlan married friends of ours last year. During their ceremony, the bride had nowhere to put her tear-stained hanky. Lachlan held out his hand and held it for her and I turned to Dan and said “that’s the man I want to marry us”. And he did! He’s not one to market himself, but let me know if you want his number, he’s so thorough and relaxed and just what a bride needs on her wedding day.

Oh, and he gets so excited for you on the day, it’s sofa king adorable:

Hair and makeupMakeup by Claire

I called Claire 3 ½ weeks before the wedding and asked if she was available to do a trial the upcoming weekend and the wedding day itself. That Saturday I met Claire and her friend Rachel who did the makeup and while they cost a pretty penny, THEY WERE SO WORTH IT. Claire uses the Benefit makeup range and it was gorgeous. Rachel used a sponge in the back of my hair to give it boof!

Photography, etc – Jarod and Liz

When Jarod and Liz offered to take our photos, we knew they would be able to create exactly the photos we wanted… and they totally did. Now we have their works framed, hung, bound and regularly accessed on our hard drives. The photos reflect us as people perfectly, something that we know any other photographer couldn’t’ve managed. And the compliments we keep getting about the photos? In-sane. But totally deserved :) (ps, thanks guys, we still owe you no matter what you say).

Next post I’ll cover racists hire car drivers, unlimited pizza wedding reception venues and how many different ways you can say “here’s a thank you card to say thank you for your card”.

(Hint, there aren’t many) x

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2 thoughts on “Wedding Vendors – Part One

  1. I’m not getting married any time soon but have a strange obsession with filing wedding lists like this! Thanks for sharing the makings of a gorgeous wedding & congrats! :)

    Posted on 23 November 2010 at 9:37 pm
    1. Thanks Jen!
      Between you and me, as beautiful as the day was, I’m in no rush to do it again ;)

      Posted on 24 November 2010 at 7:53 pm