Last year I ripped off a post from Fifikins (aka the woman who keeps kicking my arse in Words With Friends), reflecting on my 2008.

It’s actually one of the better meme/survey thingos out there for that sort of thing, so I’ll use it again later this month.

But it goes without saying that 2009 has been my year. Sure, some of it has been shithouse, but it pales into comparison to the rest of my year.

And on that note, I present my 2009 top five:

  1. Started by own business (now known as Rah!Creative)
    Things have been slow, but that’s kinda how I need it. I can’t handle having a full-time job as well as a needy home business. I’m learning heaps, I passed the Tax Man’s rules and regulations and I even made a profit in my first financial year. WOO!
  2. Got my first blog gig (at That’s Noice!)
    I helped Leigh with setting up That’s Noice! at the end of 2008, but we launched in Feb this year. Fark knows why Leigh trusted me enough with one of her projects, but I’ve LOVED it. It’s not always easy coming up with content and I’ve had to get my head around all the technicalities of having a ‘real’ blog, but it’s been a great experience and hopefully 2010 will be an even bigger year for the blog
  3. FINALLY had our water feature repaired
    After 709 days, our leaking loungeroom wall was repaired. We were also told our building should be condemned in the next 5-10 years, so we at least have a goal for moving out (?)
  4. zOMG Dan proposed!1!!!!!!
    Easily the most amazing event to happen to me. There’s someone in my life who’s willing to tell the world he wants to make it permanent? Crazy. Just don’t ask when/where/how the wedding will happen, cause we still can’t decide!
  5. Ben Folds at the Opera House, thrice
    Ahh, the week that Dan and I played excited fangirls, seeing Ben Folds at the Opera House. Each of the gigs was unreal, but the hands-down favourite was the ‘by request’ gig where we had perfect seats, Ben played my favourite song and played Dan’s actual song request. Blew my mind and we still talk about it to anyone who’ll listen

Have you got a top 5 of 2009? Join in and do yours too!

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