OH HI! I’m Laura, but everyone calls me Rah.

Please, call me Rah :)

May 23, 2013 at 0619PM-The buying of warm clothes in anticipation of #rah35 continues. Last night it was thermals, tonight it's hoodies! #7daystogo


Rah /rä/
Exclamation: A cheer of encouragement or approval
Proper noun: Loud redhead blogger. LOLer and snorter. Plane spotting,
cupcake eating, Barack Obama fangirl. Artist formerly known as rainbowtatt


Rahest /rä-est/
Adjective: To be the most rah

This is my personal blog with a mash-up of creative jaunts and the goings on in my life.

Photo by Jarod&Liz

I live in Sydney’s inner-western suburbs with my husband, Dan. We eloped in 2010, 9½ years after we met at work.

Our life is dominated by our two cats; Elvis, a DSH with a penchant for my freshly-baked cupcakes and Bear, a Devon Rex cross who spends his days wishing dead birds would fall from the sky. 

My youth and my roots

I was born in Grafton, the Jacaranda city, where, until I was 8, our family ran the local drive-in and have memories of a life full of popcorn, choc tops and changing film spools in the projector room. Mum and I moved to Sydney after Dad died of cancer when I was 8. Every day I fight being an ACOA; some days are harder than others.

Some of my family know about my blog. Some of them found out about my blog in ways that I wasn’t expecting, and at a time when my blogging was at its most vulnerable. I have been told that my “blogging lifestyle” isn’t appreciated. I accept that they don’t necessarily agree with my choices. I will only blog about family in a general context nowadays.


In recent years, I’ve developed a reputation as a bit of a cupcake nutbag.

I’m not very good at cooking, but I love baking. I have a very, very sweet tooth.

This blogging caper

I have blogged at varying locations, but mostly yayme.com, LRKane.com, rainbowtatt.wordpress.com, rainbowtatt.com and now rahest.com.au.

My first post at my wordpress.com blog was 23 October 2006, after my yayme.com blog was hacked and content lost forever (lesson: database backup, you guys!). I bought rainbowtatt.com in March 2008. But for a while I ported everything over to be merged with my business name, but in September 2009 I made my triumphant return. 15 June 2013 I moved to rahest.com.au.